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motorsSimon Sturges began his motor maintenance career in 1998 where he started his CFC in Electro-Mecanotricien in Gingins, Vaud. In search of enhancing his experience he was thrilled to join the TCS in 2006. His father’s run down Triumph had been stashed at the back of the garage of his parent’s home for past a decade, in disrepair, his father decided to sell it. Simon recuperated the car and restored his first classic car which sparked his flare and love for old cars.

His passion and dedication is reflected in the quality provided and meticulous attention to detail. The results are proven in the support and fantastic feedback of his clients based in Switzerland and abroad. With excellent netorks, he is able to procure pieces that are no longer availble in mass supply chains.

Please do not hesitate to contact Simon on 0797595866 or for any further information. Chemin du Ruttet 5, 1196 Gland.